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A Little Insight on our Products


If you are new to the CBD world, or our products in general, here is a little more information that might help you make a decision on what best suits you. In order to keep within FDA guidelines Gardener Botanics llc. is not permitted to make any health claims or recommended guidelines concerning personal consumption. This being said, it is important to conduct your own research from trustworthy sources to gain understanding on CBD and the potential benefits for your daily routine. Also note that Full Spectrum CBD products contain a full cannabinoid profile. This means there are over 200 different cannabinoids that could be prevalent in these products and Delta 9 THC is commonly in these products below the legal limit (<0.3%) expressed in the 2018 Farm Bill concerning hemp derived CBD products. Many individuals prefer the full spectrum products because something known as the entourage effect, although if drug testing, religious beliefs, or sensitivity is a concern look into our THC free products or our other product lines that don't contain CBD oil. 

Miscellaneous CBD Info: As stated above our most popular products are made with our CBD distillate oil that goes through rigorous testing before it reaches you and your family. All our CBD used is non-gmo and undergoes multiple lab tests before it reaches our consumers. All Gardener Botanics extracts must pass a 5 panel lab test that essentially tests for contaminants that might have been in our hemp crop, although, we are assured our land is sufficient with soil monitoring. The 5 panel tests cover categories such as common molds, pesticides (Organic solutions are only permitted with hemp per Department of Agriculture regulations), heavy metals, fertilizers, and other common contaminants. These tests are available upon request, feel free to email us anytime at GardenerBotanics@gmail.com.

Our other lab tests (COAs) are for potency to reassure us that we are supplying top quality blends. These lab tests can always be found directly on the product page for each variation we offer. All hemp that is grown for our extracts comes from our property in the Blue Ridge Mountains on a small family farm. 

Tinctures: We currently offer two varieties of liquid tinctures that vary in strength and come in 30ml quantities. Our level 1 tincture is 1700mg which boasts a higher concentration than our original 1000mg tinctures because feedback means everything to us here at Gardener Botanics. This product can also be administered to pets, although our level 2 tincture might be a better option. 

Please keep in mind this product does contain approximately 0.17% THC (look into our THC free products if this is a concern) which should not register on any lab testing but we can not guarantee this and false positives are always possible. It is best to do your own research on this topic. For lab tests check product page.

Out Level 2 tincture rings in at 2600mg+ CBD and other potentially beneficial ingredients in each 30ml bottle. Keep in mind this is an extra strength tincture so it is important to dilute product if necessary. This higher concentration has been known to prove better for pets because it is a higher dose at lower calories meaning. Before administering any such product to your pet it is important to consult a professional veterinarian especially with small or older pets, always administer under consistent supervision.

All of our most popular tinctures use Organic, Non-GMO MCT (Medium-Chain Triglyceride) oil which is refined coconut oil. There are many benefits known to be associated with MCT oil alone, just imagine what the addition of full spectrum CBD could add for you. If allergies are a concern we can use Organic hemp seed oil for a nominal fee, for inquiries pleas email gardenerbotanics@gmail.com. 

Please keep in mind this product does contain approximately 0.26% THC (look into our THC free products if this is a concern) which should not register on any lab testing but we can not guarantee this and false positives are always possible. It is best to do your own research on this topic. For lab test check product page.

Gardener Botanics 4000mg THC free tincture is made with our 100% CBD Isolate extract formula is a bit different than the tincture products above. Instead of providing a full cannabinoid profile this only contains cannabidiol (CBD) to provide the 4000mg of CBD in our 30ml bottles. This could be considered a better option for more sensitive individuals or those that are required to pass employment substance tests. With 4000mg or CBD this can easily be diluted or used in much smaller quantities than average tinctures you may be accustomed to. This could easily be diluted to a 1000mg tincture at a 4x dilution rate, which would equate to 120ml (4oz) total. Our extra strength THC free tincture is great to try if full spectrum distillate oil containing THC is not right for you, our products can also be easily mixed for varied concentrations. These bottles also contain our organic, non-gmo, MCT oil. If coconut allergies are a concern we can do hemp oil tinctures for a small additional charge. 

Our 1700mg THC free Broad Spectrum tincture is similar to the 4000mg tincture description above although it is made with Broad Spectrum oil. This means that it has a full cannabinoid profile without the THC that has psychoactive effects and could show up on a lab test for Delta 9 THC. Many of our customers prefer this over the CBD Isolate variety because the full spectrum of cannabinoids is known to have what is called an entourage effect, naturally working together to provide you with the best potential benefits of any THC free CBD product.

As a disclaimer Gardener Botanics is not responsible for false positives on drug tests although THC is removed from this product. Our company has never experienced this issue due to our extensive lab testing protocols, but anything is possible.

CBD Salve: This is a a great topical solution for nearly anyone, even those with sensitive skin. Although most of our products can be used topically, this may be your best solution. Combining the power of multiple beneficial herbs along with the infusion of 1000mg of CBD distillate oil, Gardener Botanics Herbal Salve is perfect for any type of external application. The air is getting dry as the winter comes and goes be prepared with all your favorite moisturizers always on hand. We offer 2 packaging options at checkout, you can choose our classic 2oz Tin container or our BPA free, non-toxic, ultra convenient twist tube applicator. Gardener Botanics herbal salve also makes a great gift for any occasion with its multiple application possibilities. This is a great option for anyone that is new to the CBD world, or that may have concerns with ingesting CBD products for common known benefits. 

*Allergy Information: As mentioned previously many of our products contain coconut or may come into contact with coconut during production. For any ingredient information that can not be found on our website can be emailed upon request. We utilize only 100% pure essential oils in our scented products that are sourced from only the finest ingredients so adverse effects are less common. If this is a concern well also offer Unscented in any variety of products.

Much of our equipment used for topical products is sanitized with 99.9% pure isopropyl alcohol. Our ingestible products are sanitized with pure grain alcohol if they do not undergo our heat sanitization as well. All staff is required to wear PPE when formulating products and strict sanitization practices are carried out throughout our production process. From our family to yours, we only wish to supply the finest products for reasonable prices because we believe well-being is an essential part of business. 

*These statements have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, Cure, or prevent any disease.